Refund policy

Thank you for using the services of the online shopping website When you shop on our website ("Site"), make a reservation or use the services provided by other websites ("Service"), you agree to the following Return and Exchange Policy ("Policy").

LAMOURHK reserves the right to revise this policy at any time without notice, and your continued use of this website shall be deemed your acceptance of all revisions to this policy.

LAMOURHK reserves the final decision on all returns and exchanges.
The customer must ensure that the condition of the returned goods does not affect the secondary sales, or meets the requirements of LAMOURHK suppliers for return and exchange. We will reject your return or exchange application under the following circumstances, including:
- Items that have been washed, used or damaged by your own personal reasons;
- Lack of original product labels and tags;
- damaged or missing outer box or packaging;
- Incomplete merchandise.

Ordering Products
1. All reservations are made according to the customer's requirements, including but not limited to style, color and size, etc. Therefore, no return or exchange service will be provided.
2. After payment is confirmed for all orders, no amendments can be made unless confirmed in writing by us. Under no circumstances can cancellations be made for all confirmed orders.
3. We will not decide the size for the customer, but will only provide our sales experience and official size information for the customer's reference. The final decision of the size is the customer's side.
4. All products are subject to the actual factory settings. The reservation pictures provided on this website are for reference only. If the manufacturer needs to modify the design of the product for reasonable reasons, including but not limited to product safety, because the old design will pose risks to users, etc., we will not cancel the order or accept any return or exchange application for this modification.
5. In the following special circumstances, the store will provide a full refund or replacement for the customer:
- Supplier out of stock
- Style/size doesn't match what's on the order
- Major damage that prevents the product from functioning as it should
- If it is only a general product defect, including glue stains, thread ends or stains not larger than 5% of the product volume, etc., or the original packaging is defective due to express transportation, it cannot be used as a return request. LAMOURHK reserves the right of final decision.
6. If the item you received is incorrect or damaged, please contact us within 7 days from the date of receipt of the order. Upon receipt of the package, please provide your order number, photos of the incorrect or damaged item, and all relevant references.
7. For the contents of the goods in the order, each item is independently settled. Therefore, if the goods in the order fail to arrive completely when picking up the goods, the customer must pay the balance of the extracted goods before picking up the goods. If some of the items in the order are unsuccessfully ordered, the company will refund the deposit paid for the unsuccessfully ordered items. In this case, the customer must also pay in full the remaining balance of the successfully ordered items. If the customer requires that all the items in the order can be successfully ordered, it must be submitted to us and confirmed in writing by us before the transaction is carried out.

Spot product
1. All products in stock are non-refundable.
2. If you choose SF Express delivery, if there is any problem with the goods, there will be no return or exchange except for the wrong goods.