Terms of service

Once the order is submitted, it cannot be modified/refunded. Please verify all contents before placing the order.
1. Customers who choose to pay offline must complete the transfer within 24 hours, and upload the record (payment slip/transfer screenshot) to the appropriate location. The order will be canceled without notice if the time expires.
2. If you cannot upload or present the transfer certificate, our store reserves the right not to accept payment.
3. All products are not refundable (including color and size), please measure carefully and check the size reference on the website before placing an order. (Refer to section 3 for defective products)
4. All returns and exchanges must be returned and exchanged within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods.
5. All returned goods must be brand-new goods and complete packaging of the unopened tag, packaging bag or shoebox, tag and accessory accessories, etc.
6. Once all special offers are sold, there is no refund or exchange.
7. Return shipping fee:
7.1. If the goods are exchanged due to defective damage/mismatched products <for example order S code, received M code>, the freight for this journey will be borne by LAMOURHK;
7.2. If you need to return the goods due to inconsistent styles/dimensions/goods inconsistent with imagination or other reasons, the round-trip postage will be borne by the customer.
8. Each order is only limited to a one-time return and exchange arrangement. It is recommended that guests check all returned goods as soon as possible, and they must be kept in their original condition, that is, unworn/used, uncut or unwashed.

If the goods are in the following circumstances, no return or exchange can be made:
1. Non-brand-new products: Wear and dirty clothing caused by wear, water, and cosmetics after trying on. Wearing footwear causes wear and dirt.
2. Incomplete packaging: complete packaging should include barcode stickers, packaging bags or shoe boxes, hang tags, and accessories.
3. Personal hygiene products such as close-fitting elastic products: such as underwear, swimsuits, stockings, socks, etc.
4. Has been processed on the commodity, such as embroidery, cutting, printing, and other non-commodity as it is.

訂單一經提交 ,不可作修改/退款,請下單前核實所有內容。
7.1. 如因有瑕疵損壞/錯配商品 <例如:訂購S碼,收到的是M碼>而换貨,此程運費由LAMOURHK負責;
7.2. 如因款式不合/尺碼不合/貨物與想像中不符或其他原因而需要退貨,來回郵費一律由客人承擔。
8. 每個訂單只限作出一次性的退换貨安排,建議客人盡快檢查清楚所有退回的商品,必須維持原狀,即未經穿着/使用,未剪掛牌及未經洗滌。

1. 非全新商品:服飾類穿過造成磨損髒污、下過水、試穿后沾有化妝品。鞋類穿過造成磨損髒污。
2. 非完整包裝:完整包装應包含條碼貼紙、包装袋或鞋盒、吊牌、附屬配件。
3. 貼身彈性商品等個人衛生用品:如内衣、泳衣、襪褲、襪子等。
4. 已在商品上加工,例如:綉花、裁剪、打印等非商品原樣。